• Future of Payments with Blast Defi.

    BLT is special and secure risk free project. our important reason for the surge in people putting money into DeFi tokens is to avoid being left out of their explosive growth.


What is Blast DeFi.

Blast DeFi is a TRC20 based Asset and a Tron Based Ecosystem itself. Blast DeFi will be Used in our own Ecosystem, Pepship and in many other E-commerce Marketplace.

Blast DeFi aim is to Create a Payment Ecosystem with the lowest fees and fast transfer, which is possible on Tron Blockchain. So Blast DeFi will be the Future of Payment System.


Reinventing the global equity blockchain.


Decentralized TRC20 Blockchain Database.

Universal Functionality.

Used in smart contracts and have more functionality than the TRC10 blockchain.

Detail Token.


Blast Defi





Total Supply.


Tronscan CCTip Coinranking
Circulation Token


BLAST Project was Created

28 Dec 2020

On this month BLAST launched and Team has created right after Project was created.

Blast Airdrop has Started

2 Jan 2021

BLT Team greatfully annouced about Airdrop and some Bounty Event that held on this month.

Staking Platform for BLT

20 Jan 2021

BLT Team has Started creating Staking Platform for BLT Token.

Latest Announcement

Azbit Listed has Confirmed

Blast DeFi Deposits, trading and withdrawals for Blast DeFi will be available on March, 15th at 9 PM (GMT).

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CoffeeDex Listed has Confirmed

On March 21, it is planned to list the BLT token of the BlastDeFi project in COFFE Multichain and DEX.

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